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My first digest post! Here’s a rundown of my recent posts, as well as a few things I’ve liked this week.

My Stuff:

  • “Masculinity in Shane and Yojimbo.” Some recollections on these two films, the genres of the western and the samurai films, and masculinity in the above. Bonus: a (compassionate) rant about graduate school.
  • “Superheroes: Ritual or Ideology?”. Are movies trying to snag your money and turn you into a social automaton, or are they trying to help you understand the world around you? Can you enjoy them without being a sucker? Read to find out!

Other Stuff:

  • Movie of the Week: Perfect Blue. I’m reading for a post about Satoshi Kon, whose work I love. I finally watched Perfect Blue, and it was at the same time so engaging and so haunting. More to come.
  • Song of the Week: “Ruby” by Hovvdy. This song is off the band’s very recent EP billboard for my feelings. It does a really nice job of capturing what I love about happy, playful indie rock without making me feel like I’m going to be annoyed by an episode of Scrubs. The whole EP is worth a list, but this song was the standout track for me.
  • Article of the Week: “Alan Cumming’s Beloved Chimp Found After Owner Admits to Faking Death.” I’ll usually try to offer something more substantial in this category, but the story here is too weird not to share. Am I reading correctly that the chimp has a tablet and a bigger TV than I do?