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It’s midsummer. I’m fresh off a one-day retreat at the Zen center here and looking back on a fairly solid week. As usual, see below for a review of both “my stuff” and “other stuff.”

My Stuff:

Other Stuff:

  • Movie of the Week: Black Bear. We watched this movie a few months back and I really enjoyed it. The well-explored themes of the artistic process, drafting, and creative breakdown were presented in a really fresh and interesting way. Plus, Aubrey Plaza rules.
  • Song of the Week: “Go Away” by cumgirl8. A great song from a wonderfully obscene punk band. Integrates some solid ’90s vibes but still manages to not feel dated. Check it out.
  • Article of the Week: “Climate Change is Turning More of Central Asia into Desert.” Depressing and scary stuff, as all climate news is. One of the quoted ecologists calls their study a “great first step” toward steps to reduce the deleterious effects of climate disruption. Take this jaded-ness with a grain of salt, but I will not be holding my breath for the second step.