I am an Assistant Teaching Professor at Ball State University and hold a Ph.D. in the field of Rhetoric and Composition. My published work explores the relationships between LGBTQ social activism and archival rhetoric, as well as the intersections of rhetorical scholarship and new media studies.

My broad interest is asking how material documents and seemingly “mundane” media and genres define and delimit the possibilities for communicative and persuasive activity. Inspired by theorizations of the rhetorical situation and by interdisciplinary scholarship on media and genre affordances, I am interested in two fundamental questions:

  1. In what ways is the production of communication in the present shaped by the documents of the (near and / or distant) past?
  2. What effects does this shaping have on the possibilities for rhetorical communication?

Site Description

This site offers material related to my research and teaching. Additionally, it hosts my blog where I publish in-process notes related to my reading, research, and teaching.