Soup Kitchen of Muncie Volunteer Training Course

A screenshot of an Articulate Storyline course I designed.

Rick Wysocki

I’m passionate about being engaged in my community, and one of the ways I spend my time is through volunteering and serving as a board member at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie. Much of my work as a board member focuses on writing grants. In addition to this role, however, I have recently been using my skills in Instructional Design and the platform Articulate Storyline to design an onboarding course for new volunteers.

As a volunteer myself, I noticed that much of the knowledge of the soup kitchen’s practices was communicated through informal channels, volunteer-to-volunteer. I wanted to find a way that new volunteers might be able to quickly understand the basic processes involved in volunteering. Additionally, I thought it would be useful for their knowledge of these processes to be assessed. Having learned about the soup kitchen, they would be less likely to feel confused or unmotivated during their first shift.

This project is in-process, and I am currently receiving user-feedback from volunteers, board members, and staff to ensure that the course is successful in its aims and design. I’ve included screenshots and gifs of the project in its current state below.

Project Samples

The opening page of the course.
An overview of what users will learn from the course.
A page allowing users to choose how they want to navigate the content.
A quiz asking users to select the correct option to the question of when to wash their hands.
A GIF showing a drag and drop quiz assessing users' knowledge of where to serve different items.
A dialog quiz asking users to respond to a guest.