This past week, I finally pulled the plug and deleted my Facebook account. Or, rather, I scheduled my Facebook to be deleted in two weeks since, apparently, the company doesn’t allow users to delete accounts without giving itself a grace period. A lot of friends have pointed out real things I might miss by not being on the platform, but I feel so much lighter without the Facebook echo chamber in my head. I don’t judge people who stay on the platform–I’m not an evangelist–but it just wasn’t working for me.

I’ve been reading a bit about the IndieWeb movement, and am becoming increasingly interested in the possibility of a more decentralized model for distributing web content. This is moving me toward two related projects:

  1. To increasingly post content here, on my personal site, and only then distribute it to other platforms. I’ve also set up a for similar purposes related to Twitter. (I do use my Twitter for a number of professional reasons, so I’ll continue to post there as well.) Additionally, I’m going to set up comments with Staticman on this site to add more interactivity.

  2. To make a greater effort to create or at least have some hand in designing digital tools for my own work work. To this end, I’ve begun developing a (very small scale) Jekyll template for creating and disseminating oral history archives (called Oryll Hystory). With my scholarly background in both new media and archival theory, I’m hoping to use this as a prototype for thinking through questions regarding digital archives, circulation, and public humanities work. If that doesn’t work out, it will at least be practice for a bigger and better project. Feel free to follow the Github repository for the project if you’re interested. But don’t judge me–I’m at the early stages of the project and its currently extremely basic (and doesn’t look particularly good yet either).

So that’s where I’m at. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to this. Maybe if we all take back our content, we’ll find better ways of sharing it with each other. Who knows.