Songs I Love, Volume 1

This is the first of a new series of blog posts I’m starting. It’s called “Songs I Love” and, obviously, it’s about music I love that I’ve been listening to lately. Each Sunday, I’ll post ten songs I’ve been listening to lately and give one-ish sentence descriptions explaining why I love them. If you want to follow along at home, I’ll post links to the individual songs on Spotify and Youtube, when possible, as well as a full playlist at the bottom of the post.

Prince Rama: Never Forever

I love this song because it’s weird as hell, and because they were super dope when I saw them opening for Dan Deacon. [This one isn’t on Spotify, so here’s a Youtube link to their also weird as hell music video.]

Pavement: Transport is Arranged

One of my top five running songs–the dynamics between the soft and heavy parts are so interesting and well-produced.

Muscles: The Lake

That chorus is just too tight. Whenever I listen to it I picture a big dance routine in my head for some reason. If you like synthesizers, this whole album is worth a listen.

LCD Soundsystem: Someone Great

My friend and I couldn’t agree whether this was a happy or a sad song (I say sad). Regardless, it’s super-beautiful and is probably my favorite LCD Soundsystem track.

Daft Punk: Something About Us

So smooth–undervalued in Daft Punk’s discography in my opinion.

Thundercat: Lava Lamp

Even smoother–Thundercat is probably my favorite artist of 2018, and also helped make To Pimp a Butterfly so good.

Fanny J: Dis-le-moi

That’s right. Zouk music rules.

Yelle/Tepr: Ce Jeu (Tepr Remix)

I love this song because it reminds me of driving around with my friends in Dallas growing up and looking for something to do.

Erykah Badu: Four Leaf Clover

It’s Erykah Badu.

Oneohtrix Point Never: Sticky Drama

I love this song because it’s so uncomfortable and digital-grimy but simultaneously so melodic. The production is so incredible.

Entire Playlist (Minus Prince Rama)