First Jekyll Post

Alright, I’ve got this Jekyll thing up and running now. Actually, I’m writing this while the blog is still contained on my local server… Here’s hoping getting it up on Github doesn’t give me too much trouble. (Though that’s half the fun of course). If you’re reading this, I guess I figured it all out.

I’ve decided to make my life both more difficult and more interesting by having two separate websites, one for my academic portfolio/general intellectual projects and this site, my blog [NOTE FROM THE FUTURE–THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE]. While I will often blog about my life as a doctoral student/scholar, I will also most likely be blogging about other things that interest me, so be warned. Just kidding, I think.

Anyway, I’m digging this system (and kind of kicking myself that I didn’t build my portfolio with Jekyll, but oh well). Here’s to writing!