Infographics Workshop 2016

This page contains resources for a workshop on designing infographics I gave at the University of Louisville on September 19, 2016. It works in tandem with other materials that can be found in this Google Drive folder. Like everything on my website, all the material (including that contained in the Google Drive folder) is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 and readers are encouraged to distribute it freely under those terms. Please feel free to contact me for more resources or with any questions about the workshop.

Example Infographic 1: “Course at a Glance”

I designed this infographic to act as a supplement to the syllabus for my Business Writing Course this Fall. Documents like these might be used to introduce students to a course on the first day, or as a quick reference for students to look up course information. In designing this infographic, I tried to pay attention to its context by using the university’s color scheme, by employing clearly identifiable and repeated icons, and by keeping the document relatively formal for an infographic to suit its purpose as a business writing document.

Example Infographic 2: “Info for Petsitters”

This infographic, in contrast to the one above, serves a far less formal purpose as a informative document for a friend watching my pets. To this end it has a less uniform design, combing multiple and not necessarily cohesive backgrounds, icons, and color schemes. Still, however, it is multimodal and combines elements of visual rhetoric, data visualization, and alphabetic text.