Covid - Day One

An image of Coronavirus.

December 15, 2022

Well. I made it several years into the Covid-19 pandemic without catching the virus. Unfortunately, my time has come.

Having a mildly sore throat and a small cough, I thought I’d gotten a small common cold. It was the first time I’d been sick, at all, during the pandemic, so even this small slight to my health seemed greatly annoying.

I figured I should take a test anyway and, lo and behold: Covid-19. I could swear those pink and blue lines were on the test strip before I even dunked it in the fluid.

There are a few “silver linings” so far. First, my fiancĂ© tested negative. I’m writing this quarantined in my home office with an air mattress and some other comforting items. These include my gaiwan and pu’erh tea, my Kindle, and my zazen cushion. My only goal at this point is to hopefully avoid spreading it to A.

Second, both A and I are vaccinated and boosted.

Third, while I definitely feel sick, the symptoms have been fairly manageable so far. My cough and sore throat have gotten worse. But not much worse. And while I’ve certainly felt feverish and ache-y throughout the day, it’s been relatively mild, all things considered.

I figure: why not document my time with Covid-19? Just post a couple of notes each day with how I’m feeling and what I’m doing.

A few things I’d like to achieve while I’m stuck in this room for the time being:

That’s all for now.

In sick solidarity,