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Start of Summer 2022

1 minute read

I submitted grades last week, and it’s officially the start of the summer. I took a few days to mess around and decompress but have now started getting into ...

Document Design Activity

2 minute read

I crafted an in-class activity for my professional writing class this semester that forces them to engage many of the less obvious features of Word. It also ...

Writing The Confession

2 minute read

I don’t write every day. In fact, during our first class for the semester this past week, I asked my research writing students to share one thing they liked ...

Two Films on Catastrophe

2 minute read

Last night I watched two films that, in very different ways, focused on apocalypse and humanity. Both Nicholas Ashe Bateman’s The Wanting Mare and Adam McKay...

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Fixing Nokogiri for x86 Mac

2 minute read

I ran into the following error when working on my site (based on the Minimal Mistakes theme). It built fine when deployed on GitHub pages, but I was unable t...

Memory, Document, Archive

2 minute read

The role of memory is central to the humanities. The ability to recall the past in the present points to something fundamental about human consciousness: a c...

What is New About New Media?

less than 1 minute read

Some new media work frames new media in terms of computational technology. Manovich, for example, claimed in The Language of New Media that numerical represe...

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