Covid - Day Three

An image of Coronavirus.

December 17, 2022

I do hope that these posts don’t communicate: “pity me!” With the devastation that Covid has brought on folks and families, I’m incredibly lucky to have gotten it a) this late and b) so fully vaccinated. Please know that these posts are more of a personal timestamp than anything meant to be read.

Day three has been alright so far. Last night, again, my only issue sleeping was my wrecked throat. A bought me some chloraseptic today; I imagine that will help tonight.

The NyQuil I took last night gave me some very strange dreams. One of them included a visit to my Zen center that involved a buffet of beef brisket. (In the waking world, the Zen center only serves vegetarian food.) In the dream, I took too much food and robbed everyone else of a meal. (Hungry ghosts come to mind.) Then I somehow showed up late to the sitting portion of the retreat. When I got there, there were hundreds of unfamiliar people doing walking meditation and reciting an unfamiliar chant. Weird stuff.

I finished responding to students’ work today. Feeling a bit loopy from DayQuil, I decided to push the actual submission of grades until tomorrow morning. After that, this semester will be a wrap.

Last night, I started reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer, a novel I certainly should have already read. I’m enjoying it so far. I also watched The Thirteenth Floor, a remake of Fassbender’s World on a Wire. It didn’t have the same charm.

While still fairly bored, I’ve grown oddly accustomed to this room. A still tests negative, which is great.

Coughing manageably,