A photo of Spotify's genre playlist interface.

What is Genre?

A concept that is has been popping up in recent posts is genre. It's not surprising, as genre is central not only to film--increasingly, the focus of this blog--but to rhetoric and writing studies, my academic home. But what *is* genre?

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An image from the film Yojimbo of Toshiro Mifune stroking his beard, looking away, as a villager tries to speak to him.

Masculinity in Shane and Yojimbo

I've been going through some of my notes from a film genre class I took in graduate school. One week, we watched *Shane* and *Yojimbo* as cross-cultural examples of the western, which historically commingled with the samurai film in Japan.

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An image from the film Men of Harper, looking scared, in a tunnel.

Men (2022)

A few weeks ago, I went to see Alex Garland's film Men. I really enjoyed, especially in the context of my growing interest in both film genre studies and the specific genre of horror.

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